ming zhen
shing yi
hiap hong
xiu ming
hui ling
wing sang
jing fang
su wen
zi ying
kuan ting


<-HAizz-> - :

Give me a break. It's just so hard when everyone demands so much of you. Can't one just do something for the joy of it. All this talk about a better life. Utter rubbish. No matter how much you do, you will get put down no matter what. After doing so much, you tell me that what I've done doesn't matter at all. Fuck you back. I'm doing this to help the school alright? It's not easy, no it isn't. Imagine what life is for me? Balancing both work and school activities at the same time? Next time, I'll take back everything you people owe me. fuck yall

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<-HAizz-> - :

Sigh i'm feeling so screwed right now
It is like everything you sought out to build comes crashing right in front of you
Feeling so drained and all
I wanna sleep but i cant till things go fine
I cant believe this is happening but yeah it did.

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<-HAizz-> - Get well soon :

Sigh, right now you're coughing and vomiting
How I wish i was there with a bucket and packets of tissue
I promised to take care of you 24/7
Yet how useless I feel right now.
All I can say is get well soon so that you'll be that hyper you again:)
Sian i miss you

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<-HAizz-> - What a great start :

Something great and touching happened to me today...

I woke up with a special note written clearly on my phone screen...
She said that she enjoyed today's outing ( I did too:D)
I watched hello stanger which was some Thai movie
Dont be fooled by the title because it was an awesome movie:)
Both funny and romantic. What else can one ask for?
Well, at least she was sitting beside me:)
I guess thats the best thing that happened to me today.
Haha what can you do if you have a clumsy gf??
Well, look out for her more often

They say true love only happens in fairytales.
Well i beg to differ.

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<-HAizz-> - You brighten up my life :

When you're angry, I dont feel any good either.
When you're sad, I want to make you feel better.
When you're happy, I start smiling to myself and cant feel any happier.
Haha with these 3 sentences you should know how i really feel about you.
It felt so great yesterday, with the umbrella and all. If not for it, i'd probably be drenched from head to toe and catch a bloody flu again.
But your umbrella saved the day:)
But alas, the night was ruined by my fucked up attitude(dont let your imagination run wild) and i couldnt sleep like since 1pm.
I guess i care too much about you and felt sad that you were pissed with me.
I'm scared that things will start to change after yesterday's incident. Sigh....
I hope it will not but yet some things just happen. Or maybe you're just too good to be true. Yet I still love you.

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<-HAizz-> - End of Anderson Secondary School Life :

Hi blog,

Do you know about something i really regret right now?
It's not getting to know my classmates better.
I swear 4/1'10 is one of the best class I've ever been in.(2/3'08 too)
I was certain to break that stereotypical view about 3/1 and 4/1 since I entered 3/1 in 2009. It's like the "nerdy" class to everyone in the block.
Obviously I think there were a few others who thought so too...
And sometimes when you try too hard, you would never notice the things in front of you. 4/1'10 consists of many different types of gems(47, to be precise).
I regret not noticing it until today.
It was not until today that i realised that everyone had sincerely wanted to make friends with each other, but just didnt know how to approach the other party.
Lucky that today came.
Today was the day when my classmates put down all the awkwardness and went up to each other and started hugging and taking photos.
I felt like "c'mon it was the freaking last day of school!" I told myself that if i didnt that step forward to show my friends/ classmates how much I appreciate them, I'll live a total life of regret.
I really dunno what else to say now. I guess some words are just meant to be felt.
To 4/1'10 I'll really miss you guys and girls and I love everyone of you (even though i seemed indifferent towards the class throughout the whole year). If anyone from 4/1'10 (including the teachers) sees this, I want you to know that whoever you are, you really made those 2 years enjoyable for me.


Sometimes one needs to listen to his heart, put down his dignity, pride and take that step forward for happiness, despite what others say. Well, I learnt that today.

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<-HAizz-> - :

Physics paper sucked today...esp MCQ.
But Geog was worse... realised i spent too much time on the first question which left me no time for the second question.
No mood to study.(Hopefully i dont screw up chemistry tomorrow)
Hopefully, my scores are bad.

2 messages a day keeps that question away

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